Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flight 370, the Pope, Ukraine crisis.

Hello to everyone.
The mising aircraft 370 has been for 3 weeks now, the most reported incident in the mass media since 9/11/2001.  All kind of speculations has been done and reported.
I don't like to get involved in mass media criticism, I think it is futil, but I will this time.
What call my attention is all the covering time, prime time, money invested in covering this incident and this incident alone.
So, my thoughts are that something else is coming up. All this coverage is being done on purpose, with the soley purpose of keep that incident in the minds of as many people as possible, because what is coming has to reach out as many humnas as possible.
And what is coming up?
I can not say for sure, I don't have the crystal ball to fortell the future, but I can anaylize and follow up coverage media story and try to connect the dots.  The global dots.
OK, here is my theory.
This flight 370 may be the first of a series of incidents where huge ships, air, land or water will disapear into thin air.  Later on, others will with lost of hundreds of lifes. And then the huge drop conclusion or some evidence that we are under attack from another dimension, or from outer space.
Then, is the theory that Carol Ross  warns us in the disclosure project with Dr. Steven Greer, that V.Brown told her: "...the last card will be a UFO invasion to weaponize the space".

Other incidents around the world that we can relate to the final times before the tribulation.
The destruction of Damascus, with the civil war that has ben in Syria for more than 3 years.
The times with 2 Popes.  The division of the church.
Acording to the St. Malaqui prophecies of the popes, the last one will be "Petrus Romanus". While some scholar try to link Francis I to this name, I think that the names will really describe his actions.  One of the main thing that we all know about St. Peter is that he answer to Jesus question as: "I think you are the Mesia".
My theory is that is going to be  a kind of being from another world or dimension, with magic super powers that will bring "false" peace to Earth and heals some humans to unite the world in one religion and he will ask Pope Francis I, who does the Pope think he is, and Francis will say:
"You are the Mesia" and that will fulfill the prophecy.
So, we still have some time, before that, but not much, maybe 2 to 5 years, but not 50 years.

Another crisis that we are living at the same time is Ukraine.
That could be the incident that separte of confront the east and the west.  If this lead to a general war, and this extraterrestial being show up calming everyone down, the world will embrace him as  a savior.

So, there are my theories about the incidents we are living these violents but interesting times.