Thursday, September 8, 2011

Civilizations type III use black holes to travel through galaxies.
They map it and they know which are stable enough to use it like
portals or elevators.
Quasers are unstable, so the robots just get destroyed on it.
In a civilizations III, when they get in robots, on the other side they show up
and try to communicate with others, when they do, they start their map
, if they don't they mark it as well as no exit.

Civilizations III, use dark matter to harness the energy they need to travel
through black holes.

Each universe, bubble, is a consciousness called god.
Each god or consciousness try to improve itself, we are part of it,
there for we try to improve ourselves in all kind of manifestations
good and bad, but the ultimate goal is to improve itself, understand
itself, we are voluntaries on earth to improve ourselves to discover
ourselves, so when we died we go back with all that information we
collected in our lives and share with god consciousness itself.
then...if we want we can rebirth just to gather more information about

You are right, a civilization III don't waste time on a civilizations 0, because they
are so close to find the clue about god itself they don't mind to
came across with us just to tell us info that for them is too basic
and a waste of time for them.
Is like those games where we construct workers, then soldiers, then castles, then warships, then star-fleets, then we are struggle in a battle or achieving a new land or something and all of the sudden a new worker pops up right there in the first house we had a long time ago, we don't pay attention to it, we just put that worker to a certain routine and leave it, because our attention is much higher in moving an entire town or star-fleet or something major..
Civilizations 4, they switch dimensions, they did discover what they are more 
deeply and therefore they can choose what shape they can take, where
and how, universe o multiverse they can be, they just master it
we as part of consciousness are just trying to improve and understand
ourselves.  That’s why war is obsolete, we just kill ourselves without
understanding anything about what we really are doing in this planet
during our life.

God itself, consciousness is too busy working with civilizations III, that they don't waste
too much time on us, but anyway they love us as a child with an opportunity
to jump into teenager, if we don't make it to civilizations I, consciousness don't mind
that much, a little bit, but not much since there are billions of other
civilizations I, II, III that are already learning about universal consciousness into
multiverse consciousness.

From time to time civilizations III, are visited by civilizations 4 and they puzzles them,
how the heck...they go in and out as they pleased.

My guess is there are 12 types of civilizations.
But there is another one.
The # 13 is where we go around,
multiverses rotating around 1 special civilizations much higher and advance than the rest,
but inspiring them though.

Each bubble is a universe a form of consciousness, a group of bubbles is a multiverse like the screen protector in your computer
that multiverse is a form of consciousness itself all together but higher in evolution, so each bubble is important to the group,
that is what our god as we think of it as part of it is trying to do, is what we are trying to do, understand and improve ourselves
as consciousness, therefore every life on earth and on the galaxy and in our universe *bubble, is precious.
But each bubble is a subconsiousness trying to grow in understanding, to improve the whole group of bubble as a whole.

Now, each universe connect at some level of consciousness to form the multiverse, which is an advance form of consciousness trying
to improve itself, to resemble that # 13 consciousness

Imagine like Jesus being the civilization # 13
every apostle being a multiverse, and the rest of people
every simple person out there being a lost consciousness, that if they get together in certain way they can be a universe, if they
join forces with others they can be a multiverse and become a kind of god, and join the party.

Don't forget that there is a god beyond Jesus...what that represent itself???
I don't know, lets new generations answer that with their imagination.

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