Saturday, March 22, 2014

Flight 370, the Pope, Ukraine crisis.

Hello to everyone.
The mising aircraft 370 has been for 3 weeks now, the most reported incident in the mass media since 9/11/2001.  All kind of speculations has been done and reported.
I don't like to get involved in mass media criticism, I think it is futil, but I will this time.
What call my attention is all the covering time, prime time, money invested in covering this incident and this incident alone.
So, my thoughts are that something else is coming up. All this coverage is being done on purpose, with the soley purpose of keep that incident in the minds of as many people as possible, because what is coming has to reach out as many humnas as possible.
And what is coming up?
I can not say for sure, I don't have the crystal ball to fortell the future, but I can anaylize and follow up coverage media story and try to connect the dots.  The global dots.
OK, here is my theory.
This flight 370 may be the first of a series of incidents where huge ships, air, land or water will disapear into thin air.  Later on, others will with lost of hundreds of lifes. And then the huge drop conclusion or some evidence that we are under attack from another dimension, or from outer space.
Then, is the theory that Carol Ross  warns us in the disclosure project with Dr. Steven Greer, that V.Brown told her: "...the last card will be a UFO invasion to weaponize the space".

Other incidents around the world that we can relate to the final times before the tribulation.
The destruction of Damascus, with the civil war that has ben in Syria for more than 3 years.
The times with 2 Popes.  The division of the church.
Acording to the St. Malaqui prophecies of the popes, the last one will be "Petrus Romanus". While some scholar try to link Francis I to this name, I think that the names will really describe his actions.  One of the main thing that we all know about St. Peter is that he answer to Jesus question as: "I think you are the Mesia".
My theory is that is going to be  a kind of being from another world or dimension, with magic super powers that will bring "false" peace to Earth and heals some humans to unite the world in one religion and he will ask Pope Francis I, who does the Pope think he is, and Francis will say:
"You are the Mesia" and that will fulfill the prophecy.
So, we still have some time, before that, but not much, maybe 2 to 5 years, but not 50 years.

Another crisis that we are living at the same time is Ukraine.
That could be the incident that separte of confront the east and the west.  If this lead to a general war, and this extraterrestial being show up calming everyone down, the world will embrace him as  a savior.

So, there are my theories about the incidents we are living these violents but interesting times.

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wrong man put to death in Texas

This is an example of the failure of the system that we live in Occident and we all are under to.
The only real justice is divine, the karma everyone has and generate.  We as human beings, have to be beyond the judgment, on everything, even criticism but on oneself if you want to improve.
When we see flaws on others are just mere reflections of our own flaws that are helping us, giving us an opportunity to improve it and get rid of that "thing" that bother us.
Below is a copy of the article published on Yahoo.

-----------------This is the article published on Yahoo on May 2012 ---------------------------------------
He was the spitting image of the killer, had the same first name and was near the scene of the crime at the fateful hour: Carlos DeLunapaid the ultimate price and was executed in place of someone else in Texas in 1989, a report out Tuesday found.
Even "all the relatives of both Carloses mistook them," and DeLuna was sentenced to death and executed based only on eyewitness accounts despite a range of signs he was not a guilty man, said law professor James Liebman.
Liebman and five of his students at Columbia School of Law spent almost five years poring over details of a case that he says is "emblematic" of legal system failure.
DeLuna, 27, was put to death after "a very incomplete investigation. No question that the investigation is a failure," Liebman said.
The report's authors found "numerous missteps, missed clues and missed opportunities that let authorities prosecute Carlos DeLuna for the crime of murder, despite evidence not only that he did not commit the crime but that another individual, Carlos Hernandez, did," the 780-page investigation found.
The report, entitled "Los Tocayos Carlos: Anatomy of a Wrongful Execution," traces the facts surrounding the February 1983 murder of Wanda Lopez, a single mother who was stabbed in the gas station where she worked in a quiet corner of the Texas coastal city of Corpus Christi.
"Everything went wrong in this case," Liebman said.
That night Lopez called police for help twice to protect her from an individual with a switchblade.
"They could have saved her, they said 'we made this arrest immediately' to overcome the embarrassment," Liebman said.
Forty minutes after the crime Carlos DeLuna was arrested not far from the gas station.
He was identified by only one eyewitness who saw a Hispanic male running from the gas station. But DeLuna had just shaved and was wearing a white dress shirt -- unlike the killer, who an eyewitness said had a mustache and was wearing a grey flannel shirt.
Even though witnesses accounts were contradictory -- the killer was seen fleeing towards the north, while DeLuna was caught in the east -- DeLuna was arrested.
"I didn't do it, but I know who did," DeLuna said at the time, saying that he saw Carlos Hernandez entering the service station.
DeLuna said he ran from police because he was on parole and had been drinking.
Hernandez, known for using a blade in his attacks, was later jailed for murdering a woman with the same knife. But in the trial, the lead prosecutor told the jury that Hernandez was nothing but a "phantom" of DeLuna's imagination.
DeLuna's budget attorney even said that it was probable that Carlos Hernandez never existed.
However in 1986 a local newspaper published a photograph of Hernandez in an article on the DeLuna case, Liebman said.
Following hasty trial DeLuna was executed by lethal injection in 1989.
Up to the day he died in prison of cirrhosis of the liver, Hernandez repeatedly admitted to murdering Wanda Lopez, Liebman said.
"Unfortunately, the flaws in the system that wrongfully convicted and executed DeLuna -- faulty eyewitness testimony, shoddy legal representation and prosecutorial misconduct -- continue to send innocent men to their death today," read a statement that accompanies the report.

Sunday, December 25, 2011


La conciencia debe dejar de interferir para dejar paso a la luz.   Eso es iluminarse.  La mente tiene el poder de crear y el ego la alimenta en sus creaciones y le hace creer que es como Dios, como el YO SOY pero en realidad es el ego que se para en la mente creadora.
Cuando la mente se da cuenta que ha creado cosas que no desea, enfermedades, pobreza, desamor, desarmonía, se torna a pedir ayuda a la PRESENCIA YO SOY que le ha permitido crear todo el tiempo por respetar su libre albedrío, y si somos capaces de hacer la mente a un lado la PRESENCIA YO SOY  se manifestará en todo su esplendor, el ego ya no tendrá donde pararse y caerá por su propio peso.  Ahí la mente comprenderá su rol de interpretadora y comunicadora con el exterior y con otros SERES pero ya no interferirá ni creará cosas, simplemente una herramienta entre LA PRESENCIA YO SOY y el exterior para comunicarse.
LA PRESENCIA YO SOY, no necesita crear nada, porque todo YA ES, lo que si hace es manifestar, manifiesta lo que ya es, en cambio la mente crea, y al crear viene adjunto un poquito de ego, ese ego se alimenta de esas creaciones y confunde a la mente haciéndole creer que ella (la mente) es lo que importa y lo único que importa.
Muchos a mitad de camino en la iluminación, reconocen LA PRESENCIA YO SOY, pero no son capaces de unificar y asimilar los conceptos.
La mente nació o salió de LA PRESENCIA YO SOY, gracias a que la PRESENCIA  YO SOY la concibió, la mente pudo existir, no al revés.  Por otro lado, en cierto momento hacia la iluminación la mente reconoce que hay una PRESENCIA que siempre estuvo observando, y que nunca interfirió para nada en el libre albedrío.
Una vez que nos damos cuenta de esto hay que dejar que ESA PRESENCIA SE MANIFIESTE EN TODO SU ESPLENDOR.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011



Hace poco, las madres de PANDILLEROS  encarcelados, realizaron una manifestación, exigiendo los  "DERECHOS" de sus hijos. 

Acá está la respuesta de una  madre ciudadana, hacia la madre que protestaba.. . 


"Vi tu enérgica protesta delante de las  cámaras de TV, en la reciente manifestación en favor de la  reagrupación de presos y su transferencia a cárceles cercanas a  sus familiares, y con mejores prestaciones. 

Vi cómo te  quejabas de la distancia que te separa de tu hijo, y de lo que  supone económicamente para tí, ir a visitarlo como consecuencia de  esa distancia. 

Vi también toda la cobertura mediática  que dedicaron a dicha manifestación, así como el soporte que  tuviste de otras madres en la misma situación y de otras personas  que querían ser solidarias contigo, y que contabas con el apoyo de  algunas organizaciones y sindicatos populistas, comisiones  pastorales, órganos y entidades en defensa de los derechos  humanos, ONGs etc. etc. 

Yo también soy madre y puedo  comprender tu protesta e indignación. 

Enorme es la  distancia que me separa de mi hijo. 
Trabajando mucho y ganando  poco, idénticas son las dificultades y los gastos que tengo para  visitarlo. Con mucho sacrificio sólo puedo visitarlo los domingos,  porque trabajo incluso los sábados para el sustento y educación  del resto de la familia. 
Felizmente, también cuento con el  apoyo de amigos, familia, etc. 
Si aún no me reconoces, yo soy  la madre de aquel joven que se dirigía al trabajo, con cuyo  salario me ayudaba a criar y mandar a la escuela a sus hermanos  menores, y que fue asaltado y herido mortalmente a balazos  disparados por tu hijo. 
En la próxima visita, cuando tú estés  abrazando y besando a tu hijo en la cárcel yo estaré visitando al  mío y depositándole unas flores en su tumba, en el cementerio.  
¡Ah! Se me olvidaba: ganando poco y sosteniendo la economía de  mi casa, a través de los impuestos que pago, tu hijo seguirá  durmiendo en un colchón y comiendo todos los días. O dicho de otro  modo:seguiré sosteniendo a tu hijo malhechor. 
Ni a mi casa, ni  en el cementerio, vino nunca ningún representante de esas  entidades (ONGs), que tan solidarias son contigo, para darme apoyo  ni dedicarme unas palabras de aliento. 
¡Ni siquiera para  decirme cuáles son MIS DERECHOS! 

¡Si estás de acuerdo con  esta carta, hazla circular! 
Quizás entre todos, podamos  revertir estos valores que existen en nuestro país, donde los  delincuentes, ladrones, terroristas y corruptos tienen más  derechos que los ciudadanos honrados y trabajadores, que sólo  queremos vivir en paz. 

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Perrita muere a manos de bárbaros sin corazón en Nueva Palmira, Colonia, Uruguay

Acá en Texas ya estarían presos. Nada de menores de edad.  Y todavía alguna paliza que otra...Ojalá esto no quede en nada. Es lindo ver cómo el pueblo uruguayo se está movilizando por esta gran atrocidad que se ha cometido. Ojalá siempre fuera así y los chorros, políticos, narcos, corruptos en el poder, temblarían de sólo pensarlo que el pueblo salga a la calle y tome justicia por mano propia, no sólo por la perrita, por tantas otras injusticias que se vienen acaeciendo desde que volvimos a la seudo-democracia esta que me ha hecho emigrar y tiene a mi familia tras las rejas...rejas de su propia casa, a mi hermano internado por accidente por culpa de un chorro y a mi suegro con un palo atrás de la puerta después que le entraron más de 5 veces. 
Estos futuros hombres, engendros del mañana tienen las mentes enfermas, algo corrompido en el alma
Les falta eso que no te permite pegarle a una anciana con bastón, eso que no te permite robarle un dulce a un niño o pegarle a tu propia madre.  Mentes enfermas en una sociedad que clama por cambiar, pero que sufre del terror del fantasma de la dictadura.  Hicieron un buen trabajo HDP, tener al pueblo subyugado, ahorcado pero sin matarlo, agonizante todos los días del año, son como una larva que se alimenta de la sangre que corre por el cuello del pueblo agonizante.
Fijense, hay policías que renunciaron porque se dieron cuenta que es imposible luchar por la justicia. O sea, que los "buenos" policías que quedaban están ya fuera de la fuerza o son muy poquitos como para dar el batacazo.
Por qué protegemos a los ladrones?
POr qué protegemos a los asesinos?
Tal vez por miedo.  Miedo y terror a la dictadura militar.
Los quiero pueblo uruguayo, a ustedes que están indignados por esta atrocidad cometida, gracias por mostrarse, por dar la cara, gracias por mostrame que todavía corre por las venas de algunos uruguayos un chorro de sangre caliente, sangre indigna, indigna de esos corruptos políticos que tenemos por   gobernantes, y no es el gobierno este de turno, me refiero a toda la clase política en su conjunto, a la clase dominante, clérigos incluídos, prensa y asociaciones comerciales corruptas que siguen una senda oscura en el diario vivir sin importarles nada.  Y el pueblo que tiene...?
A esta nueva generación de psicópatas enfermizos que gozan de la crueldad cometida.
A los que no entienden como yo, sólo nos queda pensar que los nazis o militares que mataron otros seres cuando estuvieron en el poder, tendrían un tipo de mente similar.  Un vacío energético en el corazón.
Hay que tener un alma muy fría y una mente enferma para no sentir lo que le pasó a nuestra pobre angelita, esa perrita que ahora está en el más allá, pero que su vida sirvió para hacernos UNO.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Civilizations type III use black holes to travel through galaxies.
They map it and they know which are stable enough to use it like
portals or elevators.
Quasers are unstable, so the robots just get destroyed on it.
In a civilizations III, when they get in robots, on the other side they show up
and try to communicate with others, when they do, they start their map
, if they don't they mark it as well as no exit.

Civilizations III, use dark matter to harness the energy they need to travel
through black holes.

Each universe, bubble, is a consciousness called god.
Each god or consciousness try to improve itself, we are part of it,
there for we try to improve ourselves in all kind of manifestations
good and bad, but the ultimate goal is to improve itself, understand
itself, we are voluntaries on earth to improve ourselves to discover
ourselves, so when we died we go back with all that information we
collected in our lives and share with god consciousness itself.
then...if we want we can rebirth just to gather more information about

You are right, a civilization III don't waste time on a civilizations 0, because they
are so close to find the clue about god itself they don't mind to
came across with us just to tell us info that for them is too basic
and a waste of time for them.
Is like those games where we construct workers, then soldiers, then castles, then warships, then star-fleets, then we are struggle in a battle or achieving a new land or something and all of the sudden a new worker pops up right there in the first house we had a long time ago, we don't pay attention to it, we just put that worker to a certain routine and leave it, because our attention is much higher in moving an entire town or star-fleet or something major..
Civilizations 4, they switch dimensions, they did discover what they are more 
deeply and therefore they can choose what shape they can take, where
and how, universe o multiverse they can be, they just master it
we as part of consciousness are just trying to improve and understand
ourselves.  That’s why war is obsolete, we just kill ourselves without
understanding anything about what we really are doing in this planet
during our life.

God itself, consciousness is too busy working with civilizations III, that they don't waste
too much time on us, but anyway they love us as a child with an opportunity
to jump into teenager, if we don't make it to civilizations I, consciousness don't mind
that much, a little bit, but not much since there are billions of other
civilizations I, II, III that are already learning about universal consciousness into
multiverse consciousness.

From time to time civilizations III, are visited by civilizations 4 and they puzzles them,
how the heck...they go in and out as they pleased.

My guess is there are 12 types of civilizations.
But there is another one.
The # 13 is where we go around,
multiverses rotating around 1 special civilizations much higher and advance than the rest,
but inspiring them though.

Each bubble is a universe a form of consciousness, a group of bubbles is a multiverse like the screen protector in your computer
that multiverse is a form of consciousness itself all together but higher in evolution, so each bubble is important to the group,
that is what our god as we think of it as part of it is trying to do, is what we are trying to do, understand and improve ourselves
as consciousness, therefore every life on earth and on the galaxy and in our universe *bubble, is precious.
But each bubble is a subconsiousness trying to grow in understanding, to improve the whole group of bubble as a whole.

Now, each universe connect at some level of consciousness to form the multiverse, which is an advance form of consciousness trying
to improve itself, to resemble that # 13 consciousness

Imagine like Jesus being the civilization # 13
every apostle being a multiverse, and the rest of people
every simple person out there being a lost consciousness, that if they get together in certain way they can be a universe, if they
join forces with others they can be a multiverse and become a kind of god, and join the party.

Don't forget that there is a god beyond Jesus...what that represent itself???
I don't know, lets new generations answer that with their imagination.

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